• Bb. Curl Conscious
    Reactivating Mist

    $23 (8oz)
    Reawaken soft waves or tame hyperactive curls – perfect for mid-morning touchups (and evening revivals).
  • Bb. Curl Conscious
    Holding Foam

    $28 (8oz)
    Keep curls together regardless of heat or humidity with flexible, durable hold.
  • Bb. Curl Conscious
    Nourishing Masque

    $26 (5oz)
    This deep conditioning masque softens texture and helps curls feel fabulous without adding weight.
  • Bb. Curl Conscious
    Defining Creme

    $20 (8oz) | $87 (liter)
    Support soft, fine curls that tend to droop – keep them shapely and resilient.
  • Bb. Curl Conscious
    Calming Creme

    $28 (8oz) | $87 (liter)
    Smooth, soften and loosen tight curls that tend to frizz – keep them tamed and defined (without crunchiness).
  • Bb. Styling Spray

    $12 (2oz) | $23 (10 oz)
    A modern rendition of traditional hairspray, but with a subtle sheen and softness that brushes out like a breeze.
  • Bb. Hair Powder

    $19 (1oz) | $35 (4oz)
    Styling ease, dry cleansing and tinting.
  • Bb. Waxes

    $26 (1.5oz)
    A little gives separation to any cut, and a lot gives sleek grooming with soft, malleable hold (any amount adds shine).
  • Bb. Surf Spray

    $24 (4oz)
    Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles – whenever, wherever.
  • Bb. Thickening Hairspray

    $9 (2oz) | $27 (8oz)
    Begins styling lift-off for any hair type (thick, thin or otherwise); moderate hold.
  • Bb. Styling Lotion

    $8 (2oz) | $25 (8oz)
    A versatile styling option for control, body building or sleekness, plus a nourishing moisturizer which leaves the hair soft with natural movement.
  • Bb. Styling Creme

    $8 (2oz) | $25 (8oz)
    Love it for its versatility and simple strength – slick back, add body, lift roots or define curl. The more you use, the more it holds – wet or dry.
  • Bb. Prep

    $6 (2oz) | $19 (8oz)
    This nutrient-rich detangler reveals texture, enhances the performance of styling products and refreshes already styled hair.
  • Bb. Tonic Lotion

    $7 (2oz) | $20 (8oz)
    A blend of herbs, vitamins & Tea Tree Oil replaces moisture, soothes, detangles, enhances the performance of products and reminds us of old-school barbers’ elixirs.
  • Bb. Texture Creme

    $12 (2oz) | $27 (5oz)
    Gives hair that elusive, undone-yet-done quality, with a hint of grit, hold and a tousled, shine-free finish.
  • Bb. Brilliantine

    $22 (2oz)
    Gives hair polish and a sort of languid, slept-in, sexy look with separation and extra sheen.
  • Bb. Grooming Creme

    $12 (2oz) | $27 (5oz)
    Not so perfect, lived in texture really can come easily with this styling moisturizer, which gives natural separation, subtle hold, and a soft, smooth low-glow satin finish.
  • Bb. Gel

    $25 (5oz)
    The multi-talented sculpting medium that moulds firm and shiny shapes, or brushes into soft, yet still-shapely forms (and it’s alcohol free).
  • Bb. Shine (on & on)

    $26 (4.2oz)
    This high-shine glossing mist delivers all-day gleam, controls flyaways and creates excellent separation and dimension without leaving hair greasy or weighed down.
  • Bb. Defrizz

    $26 (4oz)
    It does what it says (and more): protects against frizz, acts as a barrier to humidity and leaves hair soft, silky and flyaway-free.
  • Bb. Gellac

    $25 (4.2oz)
    This sure-hold gel-lacquer freezes shapes with a sculpted, glistening finish – no movement, no brush-outs – it’s in until you wash it out.
  • Bb. Holding

    $21 (8oz)
    Mist it onto a finished style to hold shape and tame strays – it offers fairly firm (yet flexible, workable, brushable) control.
  • Bb. Sunday

    $21 (8oz) | $45 (liter)
    A weekly (any day) detox to rid hair of product residue, hard water minerals, pollutants, you name it. Perfect for product junkies and infrequent washers.
  • Bb. Thickening Serum

    $27 (1.7oz)
    Wearing thin? This nightly, leave-in treatment fattens and fortifies over time for thicker, stronger strands and fuller hair (really).
  • Bb. Creme de Coco : Masque

    $27 (5oz)
    An indulgent masque with a trio of tropical butters which bestows intensive moisture, softness, silkiness and gloss.
  • Bb. Tonic

    $23 (8oz)
    This daily favorite has Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint extracts to soothe the scalp, balance oil, stimulate circulation, and leave the scalp tingling & hair soft & shiny.
  • Bb. Deeep

    $12 (2oz) | $26 (5oz)
    A once-a-week protein feast to repair, soften, smooth, revitalize, add shine & increase elasticity – a must for the chemically treated, sun-damaged & undernourished.
  • Bb. Leave In

    $23 (8oz) | $55 (liter)
    Possibly our most versatile product – Keep it in your shower as a rinse out detangler, or leave it in hair as a styling aid to moisturize, tame frizz & soften without weighing hair down.
  • Bb. Creme de Coco

    $8 (2oz) | $23 (8oz) | $57 (liter)
    An extra-mild, luxurious cleanser with a blend of moisture-rich Coconut and Murumuru Butters to help restore sheen & softness, improve flexibility and minimize frizz.
  • Bb. Thickening

    $8 (2oz) | $23 (8oz) | $57 (liter)
    It makes fine hair look and feel fuller, moisturizes without weight, helps seal split ends and tames flyaways.
  • Bb. Seaweed

    $19 (8oz) | $45 (liter)
    A mild, moisturizing, daily shampoo with marine extracts that feed roots, add shine and keep scalps happy.
  • Bb. Quenching

    $29 (8oz) | $72 (liter)
    These supercharged products work to replenish, strengthen, renew shine and protect hair that’s (truly) thirsty.
  • Bb. Mending

    $29 (8oz) | $72 (liter)
    These supercharged products work to repair, strengthen, renew shine and protect hair that’s (truly) damaged.
  • Bb. Straight

    This sulfate-free cleanser starts hair smooth, reduces frizz and makes hair more manageable straight out of the shower.
  • Bb. Gentle / Super Rich

    $8 (2oz) | $23 (8oz) | $57 (liter)
    It moisturizes and adds shine as it gently cleanses – a must for dry, damaged, chemically treated or overstyled hair.
  • Bb. Let it Shine

    $23 (8oz)
    Clear the way for shine: Sunflower-powered cleansing helps dissolve dulling residue and preserve natural oils to let hair positively sparkle.
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