So… I am inviting you down my stream of consciousness right now. Begin. One of the favorite things that we do as stylists is bringing out someone’s best features and finding a new style or color that will inspire them. Our desire is to make a change that significantly enhances someone’s beauty. Sometimes these changes are drastic, sometimes they are subtle, but it is all to draw out or reveal more of a person’s beauty.

Who do I think is truly beautiful?

The first people who flash through my mind are so beautiful on the inside that their exterior is literally gorgeous.

The saying, “It is more important to be pretty on the inside than on the outside,” rings in my mind, which as a girl who went through an “extra long awkward stage” (quote of my mother) always gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, it was true. I hated hearing it because it just seemed like something people only told ugly people to make them feel good. I seemed to hear it a lot as an adolescent, but somehow this still gave me hope.

So, where am I even going with all of this? How do you get pretty on the inside?

Well, this kind of leads me to the person who created beauty…


I love that.

Jesus can change who we are from the inside out. He shows us His mercy and kindness and we have hope to be kinder, more generous, and more genuine. Isn’t that what beauty is anyway? Loving, caring for others, believing in people, showing mercy…etc?

…YES! (that is the answer)

So, I love Morgan Ashley and what we do…it’s creative and fun, but I can’t even explain how grateful I am for who Jesus is.  He is the beauty that makes those around him beautiful.

He is inspiration.


She Dances with Morgan Ashley to make a difference


We are so excited to announce that Thursday, October 17th we will have She Dances in house!  She Dances is a holistic restoration for young girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited in Honduras. The ministry they do is incredible and literally life-changing. Jeremy and Nedra Springer, the founders, came to share their vision and heart with us a couple of months ago, and ever since we have been trying to figure out a way to support this cause.  So, on the 17th we are going to do our best to get everyone we possibly can in the doors for haircuts, colors, makeup, waxes, products, tee shirts…just about anything to get you in the door. Whatever you spend that day at Morgan Ashley will go to She Dances to finance a young girl who has been rescued.  For more information about the She Dance ministry go to Our friends from the irrelephant blog will have more information about the She Dances with Morgan Ashley Day and more ways to be educated about human trafficking and how you can help and get involved. We are a community that can make a difference.

We hope our clients share our heart and can join in this effort with us to do our part.

Happiness // She Dances from She Dances on Vimeo.

Fall Fashion Plants


I am going to go ahead and plant some ideas in your head about some ways you can have fun with your hair this fall.  I have been seeing A LOT of long bobs with warm tones. I love this idea.  A long bob can be probably the most versatile of hairstyles. You can “style” it and it falls in a way how it is supposed to look, but also you can also go crazy with it.  You can go all up, half up, curls, waves, braids, styling however your heart desires besides going pixie or have long mermaid hair. Here are a few pics of some that I think are great:

As you can notice, the truly “blunt” looks are fading out and more of a piecy look is in. Also, you can notice the warmer hues.  Something about fall makes brunettes want to be red-heads and blondes want to be brunettes–whatever it is gives inspiration to many to change things up. So, my recommendation for when to do this would be as soon as you are wanting boots instead of gladiators and pulling out your scarves, even though you’d be a sweaty mess if you really wore them.  That is the moment to schedule your appointment. More about Fall later… this was just to get you thinking :)

In the meantime, get some more fall looks from some of our talented friends at Irrelephant Blog.

Stylist Showcase: Melissa Sanford


We are featuring another one of our stylists! Melissa is a wonderful stylist who always has a smile on her face (it might be because she has the cutest grandbabies in the world) but either way, she is joy to be around!

Full Name: Melissa Bailey Sanford

Fun personal facts…love mayo on Lima beans
Age: 40-something
Hometown:  Homewood until high school. Then till now, Hoover
Favorite restaurant in town: Five
Ideal travel destination: Beach, baby!
Preferred ice cream flavor: Vanilla
The thing most people know about you: Love my grand babies!!!

Hair and style facts…
Why do hair? Love to make people happy.
Hair inspiration:
Describe your style: Easy going
If you weren’t a stylist, you would be doing: Nurse in labor and delivery
Favorite Bb. product: Spray de mode
Your go-to hair-do: Volume !!

Hours at Morgan Ashley Salon:
I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Inspiration for the Ones Who Stay A-LONG

When you have long hair, people who have less than long hair look at you with wonder and maybe even a little jealousy.  When you are the one who has the long hair, it is so very easy to feel in a rut, despite how gorgeous you hair may be. So, we thought we would post a couple of how tos that are easy to do and have a different look from the ever-so-easy bun (even though it is a great staple).

Tutorials below are by our lovely Morgan Mondy!

The first look is a pony tail that is teased, a few strands that are french braided, and then ponytailed.  It has a Bridgette Bardot look, but is very wearable for a warm fall (like we have here in AL).

Step 1. Tease hair (use Bb. Dryspun on the crown and all over)
Step 2. Take your 3 sections to start the braid–make sure they are on the middle of the back of your head so it isn’t too tight.
Step 3. Do your french braid (or have a trusty friend do it) then secure with band.
Step 4. You can tease or curl your pony tail, if you want a more elegant look. If you just want a casual every day look, I would vote for not doing too much of the polishing.
Step 5. Use some of the Spray de Mode hairspray I vouched for at the bottom of the post.  :)

The next look is a low interwoven updo.  I am seeing a lot of fall looks resting lower on the head than what I have been seeing the past year.  This one is so easy to do, and it does not have to look like this picture. It can be any kind of interwoven.  Some easy steps below to help guide you through the pinning.

Step 1. Tease and divide hair

Step 2. Tie into a half knot and bobby pin

Step 3. Take one side and wrap into the middle and pin

Step 4. Do the same on the other side

Step 5. Secure areas that may feel loose with bobby pins

Side note:  A couple of products that will make all the difference in the world with this style is Bumble and bumble’s Dryspun Finish Spray and Spray de Mode.  Trust me. :)