A Fall to Inspire


Can you feel it? Fall? Today we had the doors wide open enjoying this rare cool afternoon in August!

In honor of this new season approaching, We gathered a few of our local beauties to showcase the fall trends that we see coming.

1. The Faux Bob

Want the look of a bob but can’t commit to cutting off the locks? Then you should try this. Pinning the hair underneath its self will make it appear like you have your very own long bob. Curl the hair and tease the crown, teasing the ends will help keep the hair pinned. Roll the hair underneath itself, pin and spray away! Let the stragglers straggle to make it appear more relaxed.  Then when you’re done having short hair, take it down and go back to your long locks.

Products that help:

Bumble and bumble’s spray de mode

-Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Contour Creme <3

Hair: Morgan Mondy Make Up: Sarah Parker

2. Textured Braid

Thankfully braids will always be in style. This fall we see very textured braids coming in. The looser and messier the better. Tip: get some color dimension in your hair, this helps pop that texture through out your messy styles!

Products that help:

-Bumble and bumble’s Dry Spun Finish

-Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray

Hair: Beth Russell Make up: Beth Russell

3. Classic Full Pixie

For those of you that are wanting a dramatic change this fall, we suggest going big with it. We recommend this classic pixie with fullness! We like how this could easily be a textured style, but we love it smooth and elegant. (Think Audry Hepburn)

Products that will help:

-Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Hairspray

-Bumble and bumble’s All Style Blowdry

-Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine

Hair: Morgan Mondy Make Up: Beth Russel


We hope we inspired you for this fall! If so, we would LOVE to have you come in and help you achieve these looks!

Call and one of our lovely front desk girls will connect you to the stylist that will fit you perfectly! 205.995.2480

Also- we have new hours! Monday- Thursday 8AM To 8PM | Fridays: 8AM To 5PM | Saturdays: 9AM To 4PM

Yours in style,



The Fine Art Of Men’s Cuts


Well ladies and gents. Men’s grooming is on the rise. Here is a little peek at some fun styles that we see/do in the salon.

Our oh so talented Raul shows us two looks for a well groomed man!




(last but not least)



We hope this gives some inspiration for a new men’s style. Fall is just around the corner and a perfect time to change up a look whether you are male or female.

Call Morgan Ashley Salon today to get your fall appointment in place!


Yours in style,


Don’t Blow It


We are absolutely loving Bumble’s new product: Don’t Blow It. You apply and you literally don’t blow dry your hair! The answer to our problems have arrived! The model for this post, Autumn (who also happens to be one of our lovely stylists) shows us how she applies and the techniques she uses that give her that amazing natural texture!

Step 1: Apply product at roots and smooth your hairline with  your finger tips. The important step here is really tugging on any cowlicks you may have.

Step 2: Massage the product deep into the root. Another very important step, while you’re massaging it, make sure to push the root off of the scalp with a pinching motion to create volume.

Step 3: Now apply product into mid-shaft and ends in a scrunching manner. Don’t be afraid to over use product here, the more the merrier! Use a towel to get any excess water out.

Step 4: Once product has been applied, start finger twisting 1 inch sections to encourage wave. Let the hair air dry in the twists you just created. Once fully dry,  break them up with your hands!

Step 5: Finish with Spray De Mode hair spray and rock your natural new look!!

Thank you so much Autumn for showing us how you create your beautiful style!

Yours in style, 


A Summer to Inspire


Well, Summer is pretty much here! Can you believe it??

Time for the heat waves, vacations, and lightning bugs!

In honor of this new season, we had a photo shoot at our beautiful salon! We brought together some of our talented stylist to bring you 3 Summer trends that are making a splash!

1. Short Hair Don’t Care

We honestly cannot tell you how many long hair beauties have come into the salon and chopped of their locks. In fact, some of our stylist have done it recently! Take a look around the salon next time you come in to get inspired by some short hair! The key to this look is to not over blow dry. Let your products and hands do all the work. If you over do it,  you might end up looking like a q-tip. Keep it easy, a lazy girls dream. Pair your short hair with a bright lip stick if you are wanting the extra feminine kick!

Products that help:

- Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Full Form Moose

-Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Contour Creme <3

-Bumble and bumble’s Surf Infusion

Hair: Morgan Mondy / Make up: Beth Russell

2. Half up Half down Top Knot

Alright, if you have a pinterest you have most likely seen this one. So easy! Pair this look with a flirty dress to get a chic look! Little tip: Tease top of the head to get the extra lift!

Products that help:

-Bumble and bumble’s Dry Spun Finish <3

-Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine

-Bumble and bumble’ Spray De Mode

Hair: Sarah Parker and Morgan Mondy / Make up: Kelsy Taber

3. Messy Braided Updo

For the boho chicks out there go messy or go home! Especially with a braided up do! Get that long hair that you don’t want to cut off your neck for a long day in the sun! Great for a day at the pool or beach! Get your hair wet and let it dry in the braided up do. Once you take it down you should have some beautiful waves!

Products that will help:

-Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray

-Bumble and bumble’s Mending Complex

-Bumble and bumble’s Don’t Blow it (Coming Soon!)

Hair: Morgan Mondy / Make up: Sarah Parker

So there it is! Looks we have noticed coming your way this Summer! Maybe you noticed a theme that is very messy and undone. Gah, Summer is the best! Embrace the natural/big hair folks!

If you would like help with styling this Summer or want a bigger change. We would love to see/help you! 205.995.2480

Yours in style,



Happy 10 Years, Morgan Ashley Salon!


Happy Anniversary/Birthday to us!

Guess what guys?? We are ten years old today! We are preteen. Come by the salon today (April 1st, 2015) and every Wednesday in April to celebrate with us! Morgan Ashley wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for you. To celebrate we are calling this year, A Year to Give, and we are wanting to give to you!

So what are we giving you, you might ask?

  • All week we are giving 10% of all Bumble and Bumble products. (Get it because we are turning ten.) ;)
  • Stop by any Wednesday during April for giveaways or join us from 4pm-7pm for cocktails and hor d’oeuvers.

Its not quite Thursday yet but we do want to do a little throw back to Morgan Ashley through the years. First here is a little story from Morgan herself about how it all began:

“The year I started the salon, 2005, I had had my heart set on doing overseas missions, and not on starting a salon.  Or so I thought.  Starting Morgan Ashley was definitely one of the most challenging things I had ever done.  Starting from the fact that I had no business experience or degree or idea how business worked, I did a lot of things the hard way.  Securing a loan, figuring out tax id numbers and such were not really my “thing.” I could be creative and I could take care of orphan babies in other countries, but that was where my experience ran out.  Luckily the Lord was super gracious and really awesome he sent many encouraging people to stand by my side and help me along the way.
The first year Morgan Ashley was open I was in the salon alone.  Unless an occasional friend or sister came by to chip in and help, I was operating solo.  There were so many days when I literally cried out to the Lord and asked Him why here, why not overseas.  The answer would always be that it was going to be worth it, and He would receive much glory from it.  So I just trusted.  Once I let go of what I thought my life would look like, and let the Lord really lead, I really started having fun.
The second year I got my first stylist employee, Alison!  We had so much fun and bought each other starbucks and joked and really had a great time getting to know each other. So, for a full year it was just me and Ali.  It was fun and simple and not lonely anymore.
The third year was crazy. I hired one receptionist and an additional stylist.  Then one night I was at the salon with my awesome husband and we were praying and just asking the Lord to show us if this was still where he wanted us. Basically saying close this place if its not what it needs to be or should be.  The very next day I got a phone call from friend who worked at another local salon and asked if she and about 8 other stylists and one manager could come and join me.  I was, of course, shocked, but thought it was really cool. With that came the growing pains.  Very welcome growing pains.
So these growing pains led us to the new salon space– the current location.  This was a huge leap of faith, being that it was three times the size of the old location and about four times more expensive! The Lord was so faithful in this move! We made this move during the recession of 2008.  It was very scary, but clientele grew. We all worked so hard to build this location and it was a great move that I felt so blind going into.
Here we are, celebrating 10 years as a salon.  I am so humbled at all of the amazing women (and man) I get to work with.  I am so honored to learn from each one of them. They inspire me to learn new things and see people and ideas in new ways.  What an incredible blessing they are!  Also, all of our amazing clients have carried us along. Where would we be without our beautiful clients?!  We are excited to celebrate 10 years of being so blessed! Thank you.”


Another way we would like to give through the year of giving, is through supporting our very own Chelsea. Chelsea is one of our shampoo techs and helps keep the salon running smoothly! She has been called to missions and is raising money to go to Haiti for the summer. She needs to raise 3,100, so lets get her there! Ways to help and give:

  • Book a scalp massage with Chelsea and all money will go towards her trip. A 10 min massage for $10!  Book by calling 205.995.2480
  • Donations can be received after appointments at the front desk.
  • You can make a donation through her GoFundMe website.
  • Morgan Ashley will also be matching Chelsea’s donation for the week!

Also, in loo of the big 10 we are revamping the blog and social media! So be on the look out for inspirational looks, day to day shots, and some behind the scenes photos! There are many exciting things to come starting this Spring, so stay tuned!

 Yours in style,