All Things Wedding: “The Switch Up”


We love all wedding hair and makeup styles and ideas! We are always open to what you have in mind and love seeing our brides shine on their wedding day!

One style we are seeing lately and love this refreshing idea, we are calling it “the switch up.” A bride wears one hair style for the ceremony and has an easy change up for the reception. Typically you would see a half up or full down style for the ceremony and pull the hair back for the reception where there will be more movement and dancing! Who doesn’t love the idea of having two looks for all your wedding day photos?

We had our stylist Beth give us a beautiful example of a switch up hair style.









A beautiful way to show off your lovely locks, with or without a veil, and feel like a beautiful princess!









Without changing the half up hair style, we pulled the locks up into a beautiful low wrapped bun. She is ready for dancing and celebrating without worrying about her hair!

If you are interested in a style that can be altered post ceremony, ask your stylist and we will help you make it happen!





All Things Wedding: Simple Elegance


We wanted to showcase one of our lovely brides that we had the honor of doing her hair and makeup. Our stylist Courtney did hair and makeup. Photography is by Leslie Hollingsworth Photography.






















































All Things Wedding: Hair


Bridal hair is an important part in wedding day planning. For some, it’s just as important as the wedding location, the beautiful dress, and the delicious cake. For one day, all eyes are on the bride and groom (but mostly the bride J ). Photos are taken the entire day and memories are being made. One of the ways to feel the most beautiful and have those photo-memories bring blissful feelings is having your hair look stunning.

As stated in our last blog post – the most important part of a marriage is doing life together after the wedding day. We don’t want to take away from the beauty of the journey of marriage. We are just a part of the story – making the bride feel as beautiful as possible. We want to help make the first day of marriage be a spectacular memory for life.

That being said, let’s go on the hair journey of a newly engaged bride…










Deciding what to do.

You’re engaged! Yay! Celebrate…and now start planning. After eyeing your checklist for the 100th time, you come to “Hair.” How do you decide what to do with your hair? Pinterest and bridal magazines are not helping narrow down the options.

- What does your dress look like? Strapless? Sweetheart? Halter? One-shoulder? Your dress may determine how you wear your hair: down, bun to the side, etc. You may want your hair up to show off your shoulders, or if you have a lower back dress you can go either way. But don’t let your dress stop you from showing off your locks, there is no set standard for dress-hair correlation, it’s merely a starting point if you are unsure what you want.

- Is your wedding inside or outside? In what season? You may decide to wear your hair up as opposed to down if you will be outside in the summer and don’t want to get too sweaty. Brides are even going from down to up between ceremony and reception. It is a great way to get a couple looks in for your pictures.

-What if I have a veil? You can always make your hairstyle accommodate a veil. Stylists will show a bridesmaid or mother of the bride how to put the veil in and out so you can do it throughout the day.

- What if my hair is too flat? Do not worry! We use product, product, and more product. Your hair will do what we want it to! We can add body, curl, and texture as needed to do whatever style you want.

- What if my hair is un-tamable? We have worked with all types of hair, and we can find a style that will work with your hair. You show us your heart’s desire for your wedding day hair, and we will help you achieve that look.

- Who can I talk to about my hair? Morgan Ashley Salon offers free consultations with our stylists to talk through your desires for your wedding hair. You can bring pictures and ideas and talk through it all with your stylist.










Trial Run

You have made your hair decision. You have met with your stylist and talked through what you want. You have booked appointments on your wedding day for you, your bridesmaids and anyone else needing hair and make up either on site of your wedding or in the salon.

You are now ready for your trial run. The trial run is a great way to make sure you are satisfied with your hair for your wedding day and you can work out any details with your stylist.

For a discount service, you can do a minimal trial run to practice the “idea” of what you want. Or for the full service cost, you can have the exact hair and/or makeup for your wedding day. If you want the full service, brides typically will schedule this for a bridal portrait, shower, engagement photos, or engagement party. You get your trial run, and hair and make up for an event!








Cutting and coloring my hair

Scheduling your cut and color at the right time around your wedding is important. Most brides don’t want to cut their hair right before the wedding, so that it can be long and easy to maneuver for up do’s. But if you do want a fresh cut and color, it’s best to schedule it a couple weeks before your wedding day. You want your color to set for a couple weeks as well as not be too far out so that it grows out. Your stylist and our front desk can help you find the best way to prep your hair for the big day!

On the big day

You can expect time, effort, and attention from our stylist on YOU! Your hair and makeup is our priority. Your start time will be according to your pictures and wedding start time. Your stylist will be with you until your hair/makeup is done. They will instruct you if there is any touch up needed or veil instructions.

We LOVE our brides and bridesmaids and truly enjoy being part of your day. You will not be disappointed with your hair. Our desire is that you would shine as a bride and as a future wife!

Hair and Makeup for this lovely bride by stylist Emily Hurst.
Photography by Leslie Hollingsworth Photography.


All Things Wedding: Your Beautiful Face


A girl’s wedding day is a day of all days! We all agree that the many days after the wedding is over and living as a married couple is what truly matters. But there is something special when the bride and groom can feel their best and celebrate the most as they commence their life journey.

Feeling beautiful is every bride’s desire. And we love being a part of drawing out everyone’s beauty so they can shine on their wedding day!

There are so many important facets to makeup application that we don’t think of in our everyday makeup wear. So having a stylist to bring your look to another level is always helpful! Your stylists will help choose the right color palette that goes well with your dress, bridesmaid dresses, and/or wedding theme. Each bride has the option of adding lashes for a small upcharge. Your stylist can help your decide if this would be right for your look! And makeup application differs with each person’s face shape and contours. Our stylists use makeup-contouring techniques that tailor to each person’s facial features. This allows for each bride’s beauty to shine in their own way!

Before and after – hair and make up by our stylist Beth

We want our brides to have a flawless look that accentuates their positive features and lasts all day. We use MAC Professional makeup that is perfect for wedding day wear. It has incredible durability and stays on the entire day. It responds well to flash photography meaning you won’t have a washed out look from light reflecting off the makeup. And since it is your wedding day, you will be in front of a camera ALL day and will want to have the right makeup!

We have two types of makeup application. The traditional brush application and a NEW airbrush application. Airbrush makeup application uses an actual airbrush gun. It was developed for those working in high definition TV, film and photography. It has an even MORE flawless look and greater results in photos, though both application types look stunning in person and photos. Your stylist can help you decide which is right for you.

Airbrush makeup application by our stylist Amber.

Our Bridal Coordinator, Haley Hays can answer any other questions you have and can set up a consultation with a stylist to dream with you about your wedding day!

All Things Wedding: Our Bridal Coordinator


It’s summer time!

And we are more than ready for weddings and pampering brides! One of our passions is making you feel beautiful on your special day. So this month, it’s about you, brides. We are spending June talking about all things wedding on our blog to give you the resources you need in making a decision for your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

First things first, who do I talk to about my wedding day? Our wonderful Bridal Coordinator, Haley Hays. Here is a little “get to know” Haley, her passion for brides, and some info about Morgan Ashley Brides.

 Fun personal facts

Full Name:   Haley McDaniel Hays
Age:   23yrs old
Hometown:   Pleasant Grove, Al
Favorite restaurant in town:  Sumo or Chuy’s– I love carbs ;)
Ideal travel destination:   Anywhere tropical
Preferred ice cream flavor:   Chic-fil-a’s vanilla ice dream cone is my all time fav!
The thing most people know about you:   I love spending as much time as I can at the beach!

What brides want to know

How long have you been at the salon?  3 years in July

Why do you have a passion for brides?   I  was a bride myself and my wedding day was nothing short of fabulous. I enjoy taking care of my brides because I want them to feel as beautiful and special as I did!

Why have your hair and makeup done professionally for your wedding day?  I think it’s so fun to let someone else pamper you on your special day, not to mention it’s one less thing to worry about. Your special day is one you want to remember and to feel beautiful is to feel confident!

Why choose Morgan Ashley Salon over others?   Morgan Ashley specializes in event hair and makeup. We will help your day run as smoothly as possible when it comes to getting your bridal party ready.  Our stylist are the best of the best!

What type of make up do you use? We use MAC Professionals Makeup. Our makeup is meant to last all day, so it doesn’t matter what time of day you start, it will hold up until the end! And we also offer airbrush makeup with Amber Wright.

Can stylists do anything I want for my hair?   Absolutely! They are always looking for challenges and new inspirations.

What can brides expect when they choose Morgan Ashley Salon? One on one service, organization, dedication, and flawless hair and makeup. First, we will set you up for a complimentary consultation with your stylist. From there, we will offer you a trial run. This is something we offer if you would like to see a wedding day preview. This is full service therefore it is full price. Brides typically like to do this on the day of their bridal portraits. Before the big day is over, you will receive a small “love-package” as a thank you from us. :)

Are services in the salon or on site at the wedding?   We offer both in salon and onsite services. We’re here to accommodate you as best we can!

What is the “pre-party” service?  This is a new service we offer based on many of our bride’s request. It’s an option to add hair and makeup for your rehearsal dinner and any tea’s, shower’s and parties you may have planned!

Do you have examples of bride’s hair and makeup?  Examples of our work are on the Morgan Ashley Brides instagram! @morganashleybrides