So… I am inviting you down my stream of consciousness right now. Begin. One of the favorite things that we do as stylists is bringing out someone’s best features and finding a new style or color that will inspire them. Our desire is to make a change that significantly enhances someone’s beauty. Sometimes these changes are drastic, sometimes they are subtle, but it is all to draw out or reveal more of a person’s beauty.

Who do I think is truly beautiful?

The first people who flash through my mind are so beautiful on the inside that their exterior is literally gorgeous.

The saying, “It is more important to be pretty on the inside than on the outside,” rings in my mind, which as a girl who went through an “extra long awkward stage” (quote of my mother) always gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, it was true. I hated hearing it because it just seemed like something people only told ugly people to make them feel good. I seemed to hear it a lot as an adolescent, but somehow this still gave me hope.

So, where am I even going with all of this? How do you get pretty on the inside?

Well, this kind of leads me to the person who created beauty…


I love that.

Jesus can change who we are from the inside out. He shows us His mercy and kindness and we have hope to be kinder, more generous, and more genuine. Isn’t that what beauty is anyway? Loving, caring for others, believing in people, showing mercy…etc?

…YES! (that is the answer)

So, I love Morgan Ashley and what we do…it’s creative and fun, but I can’t even explain how grateful I am for who Jesus is.  He is the beauty that makes those around him beautiful.

He is inspiration.